4 Essential Supplements that Everybody Needs

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4 most crucial vitamins

Omega -3 – vitamin D – calcium & Magnesium

Growing dietary supplement market . Much money is being spent on vitamins but not necessarily those that target underlying deficiencies; and if taking the proper supplements, might not be in the optimal form for absorption or getting the right dosage they need for their individual biochemistry.  Not one size


 Major deficiencies, vitamin D, Omega-3, calcium and magnesium (multi important to include)

fits all.

Vitamin D – in the spotlight  an alarming deficiency in Vitamin D as the only way to get it is from the sun.  One needs 40% of body exposed for about 15 minutes. However, in the Northeastern part of US that is only between April and October.    Translates due to modesty and weather that everyone is deficient without taking supplements.

Interview with Dr. Hollis and Hollick & Heaney Children’s Hospital in Boston (experts in Vitamin D)  Vital Study

Omega 3 – source is anchovies, salmon, mackerel and sardines. 

Farm Raised vs wild.  Omega – 3 from a vegetarian source – ration of Omega 6 to Omega 3

Joseph Hibbeln and the Vital Study

Neurological Development

Magnesium – 300 different enzymatic processes in the body – promotes heart health and bone density as well as stress, aggression and anxiety.

Food sources why deficiency

Calcium /Phosphorus – Need for calcium as nutrient and sources

Why there is a deficiency – calcium’s relation in the nervous system (anxiety & sleep) together with magnesium – Melatonin?

Optimal form

Study showing calcium increasing risk for heart disease and why.

Multi Vitamin – why a need and Prenatal/folic acid

What to look form in multi and deception of labels on multi vitamins and in general

Walter Willet head of nutrition of Harvard


Vitamin E – confusion about vitamin E and why full spectrum is important

Why are there so many behavioral and psychiatric problems in children today.  According to statistics 1 in every 5 children has a psychiatric problem.?

Basic nutrients are missing such as above

Connection between omega-3 and behavior/focus/attention


Why so many allergies and dysfunctional immune system that makes people so susceptible to so many diseases?


Soil depleted – chemicals & pesticides in food today


Why is it so important to take a multivitamin.  Don’t we get sufficient nutrients needed from our food?




What to look for when you buy a supplement

Form/absorbability/amount in formula – is it therapeutic dosage

Example of Centrum Silver and formula for macular degeneration that has 250 mcg of lutein


Why are the %DV values in supplements so high when RDA amounts are so much lower?


RDA based on preventing acute deficiencies such as scurvy and palagra


Overexpenditure of vitamins


Look for bodies physiological needs – what nutrients are missing?



MD Anderson – Seminar on the immune system

Isaacson – Alzheimer’s Disease

PDD and phobias

Hollick and Vitamin D New England Journal of Medicine

Children’s Hospital Vitamin D

                       2 yr and 4 yr old

Bridging the gap between nutrition and medicine

Birth Defects 1 in 33 – folic acid/B12

Cleft palate 4 mg of folic acid



Eliezer Gruber, Certified Nutritionist, is the Founder of Nutri-Supreme Research

Working as a nutritionist for many years in private practice, Eliezer Gruber sought to help people with their various ailments. He was continuously looking for products that could be proven effective based on clinical research, but found this to be lacking in many nutritional supplements. Frustrated by the lack of supplements based on clinical research, he started producing his own brand of vitamins and supplements which serve to bridge the gap between nutrition and science under the name Nutri-Supreme Research.

Fueled by a passion to produce supplements based on science – and not mere hype – Eliezer Gruber became a pioneer in his efforts to bridge the gap between nutrition and medicine by translating medical research into appropriate dietary guidelines and nutritional supplements. This work did not go unnoticed by many in the medical field, and Eliezer Gruber’s name and products have become respected in the halls of great medical centers throughout the United States. His thriving Brooklyn practice now receives constant referrals from well-known internists, cardiologists, psychiatrists, and other healthcare practitioners.

Working diligently in the nutraceutical arena as the founder of the Nutri-Supreme Research brand of kosher vitamins and supplements, Eliezer Gruber has impressed researchers and clinicians by creating formulations that truly integrate the data from the latest research into effective and highly-absorbable dietary supplements. The Nutri-Supreme brand reflects Mr. Gruber’s steadfast adherence to the application of sound scientific principles to the promotion of nutritional health.

Eliezer Gruber’s desire to help people goes beyond mere products. He also educates thousands of people with lectures on health and nutrition at seminars, on his popular Radio Hidabroot show Healthy Living with Eliezer Gruber, and through articles in publications including Hamodia, Mishpacha and publications and Binah magazine. He believes that educating people about nutrition, exercise, and supplements is a crucial step in helping people live healthier and more meaningful lives.
“Eliezer Gruber, CN is first and foremost a health professional. He uses his cutting-edge knowledge to tailor advice and formulate products for the benefit of patients.”
Dr. Howard Lebowitz, a Harvard trained doctor of internal medicine in leading NJ hospitals



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