My Personal Experience with Sleep Apnea and Snoring

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Yitzchok Haimowitz, Brooklyn NY I recently had a sleep apnea device custom made for me by Dr. Jacques Doueck for my severe sleep apnea which I have been suffering from for many years. Not only has the device helped me greatly, as evidenced by the fact that I am no longer snoring, and by the reality that I am considerably more alert during the day, but additionally, the expert care and service that I received by Dr. Doueck, and his professional Staff has really been exceptional. I needed to see Dr. Doueck 6 or 7 times to make sure that the precision device would give me the maximum benefit, and each time Dr. Doueck was as friendly and courteous as the first time. What I mean to say is, there was not pressure on me at all as one might expect for having to see a doctor multiple times for an adjustment. I walked away with the felling that Dr. Doueck was determined to provide me with the best service no matter how many visits were needed! Pay attention… anyone who has been diagnosed with sleep apnea to any degree: you owe it to yourself to consider having an oral sleep apnea device custom made for you which will reduce and even eliminate snoring and increase oxygen to your lungs during sleep and ultimately to the brain where it is needed most. And you should certainly consider having it done by Dr. Doueck to insure that it is made properly and accurately. My Thanks to Dr. Jacques Doueck and his courteous staff who have helped me immeasurably and so cordially, and hopefully can do so for you as well.

Morris Setton, Brooklyn NY I am so happy to have found a solution for my snoring and sleep apnea I came to Dr. Doueck for help, my wife was always complaining about my snoring and I use to gasp and could not breath in my sleep and it use to wake me up all the time, as a result I was always tired, when I got to work, I use to fall asleep While driving. Now using the appliance I sleep deeper and I remember my dreams, also my wife called Dr.Doueck and thanked him because now she is able to sleep, This appliance saved my life because I do not sleep while I am driving. I recommend this for everyone that needs it, in the past I have tried the mask and could not handle it, it was too uncomfortable, and the noise from the machine did not let me sleep. Thank you Dr. Doueck and Staff For helping me P.S. After that mask I decided not to do anything about it, and lived with my sleep apnea until Dr. Doueck recommended the oral appliance which I now use – to me I am so happy I did it.

Chaim Zadonowitz I came to Dr. Doueck’s office with sleep apnea that I was diagnosed with from 2010, And I was told that I needed a C-Pap. It was not so comfortable to sleep with the Mask. I heard that Dr. Doueck offers an appliance that could Help me, and get rid of the uncomfortable C-pap. I came and met with Dr. Doueck. He showed me the appliance and how it Will work to benefit me, I was also very happy to know that Dr. Doueck took my Insurance which is Medicare, and that I will have no out of pocket expense even for The follow up visit. Now I am so happy that I came to Dr. Doueck because I feel great and have more energy Because I am comfortable when I sleep at night.

Joseph Cohen I am very happy with the sleep appliance, it worked great in my case, it eliminated the snoring completely, and now my wife is very happy, I highly recommend it, With the appliance my second sleep test came out excellent, it is very convenient because I can take it everywhere with me, and enjoy its benefit. With a few adjustments, it is great to use and very comfortable And if anyone wants to call me please feel free, and I will answer any of your questions. Please Call Dr. Doueck’s office at 718-339-7982 for my phone number. Office is great, Dr. Doueck sure know what he doing, he is very professional and thorough.

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