A Device That is 97% Effective in Eliminating Snoring

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Dr. Bryan Keropian the inventor of the Full Breath appliance that is 97% effective in eliminating snoring. Dr. Keropian has a mission to bring relief to those who are CPAP intolerant and a quiet nights sleep to those who are snoring and want to stop snoring. Get more oxygen while you sleep and enjoy better health and vitality. Patients report being able to sleep better without snoring and are thankful to find a solution to CPAP intolerance. If snoring or CPAP intolerance is ruining your life, the Full Breath Solution can make a difference. Full Breath has 5 FDA certifications as the most effective treatment for those who are CPAP intolerant and a 99% success rate at eliminating snoring. The appliance is used to treat patients who are snoring loudly, cannot tolerate a CPAP, are overly tired during the day or worried about falling asleep at the wheel. Bryan Keropian dentist and inventor behind Full Breath Solution dedicated his life to developing these solutions and the patented Full Breath appliance and method have helped thousands of patients to enjoy a good night’s sleep.
The big news now is that the Academy of Sleep Medicine has designated oral sleep appliances as the NUMBER ONE treatment avenue for mild and moderate sleep apnea and snoring!

Dr. Keropian reports, “In working with my patients, however, I found that traditional appliances were not resolving the difficulties many of them faced. Something else was needed to make the appliance more effective in all cases. I finally developed that “something else” and the FULL BREATH Breathing Solution was created, tested, approved by the FDA and is now available to you today.One Thing…Leads to Another… Most people do not realize how much the quality of their sleep affects their daily lives. Others do nothing about their sleep problem even when they know it can lead to a life-threatening disease! Rather than focus on some negative scary statistics, however, my patients and I discuss the tremendous benefits of a really good night’s sleep. We are all constantly hearing about problems and I’m sure that, like me, you would rather focus on SOLUTIONS.”

Listen to this radio show for the answer to these questions:
What is sleep apnea and why is it so dangerous?
How is it treated?
If I snore does it mean I have sleep apnea?
What other symptoms are there that I would know if I have sleep apnea?
Does insurance cover treatment for sleep apnea?
Does Medicare cover treatment for sleep apnea
How do I find a Doctor or Dentist who treats Sleep apnea
What are the signs that someone may have sleep apnea?
some examples:
- Excessive daytime drowsiness, which may cause you to fall asleep while you’re working, watching television or even driving
- Loud snoring, which is usually more prominent in obstructive sleep apnea
- Observed episodes of breathing cessation during sleep
- Abrupt awakenings accompanied by shortness of breath, which more likely indicates central sleep apnea
- Awakening with a dry mouth or sore throat
- Morning headache
- Difficulty staying asleep (insomnia)
Is the Full Breath appliance good for everyone?
How effective are the snore appliance that are sold on the internet or in drugstores?
If some snores does that mean they should suspect they have sleep apnea?
How is a sleep study done? Can it be done in my home?

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Dr. Bryan Keropian

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