Probiotics – Much More than a Healthy Gut

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Usher Brecher

President & CEO

American Nutrition Consultants

Licensed distributors of PRODERMIX

Toll Free: 866.576.5355

1)a. What are Probiotics?  b. Are they approved by the FDA?

2) Are probiotics the same as acidophilus?

3) You claim that ProDermix helps relieve acne aren”t all probiotics the same/ Why should people buy your brand?

4) You advertise your probiotic brand “ProDermix” super to others, can you explain why?

5) How long has ProDermix been on the market?

6) you claim ProDermix relieves athletes foot fungus, can you substantiate that claim?

7) If ProDermix relieves upward of 55 symptoms  why does your logo have a foot in the logo which would seem that it is for foot fungus only?

8) Probiotics are generally known for their digestive relief since they are swallowed by mouth and go into the intestinal tract, How do they manage to function on the outer skin?

9) How does your brand compare to Culturelle which has a patented acidophilus formula and is highly respected as a premier probiotic?

10) Is ProDermix necessary for healthy persons that have no health issues? If it is ,what benefits could they derive from ProDermix?

11) Could you enumerate some of the vital symptoms that ProDermix relieves?

12) What research or backing do have to support your claims of 55 symptoms plus… relieved?

The Story of Usher  Brecher and his Mission to help  people through ProBiotics

In 1999 he was inadvertently introduced to probiotics. He had suffered from athletes foot fungus many years and discovered certain probiotic formulas that cleared his athletes foot fungus.

He offered the formulas to many of his friends with the same problem and they too found relief.

His experience and enthusiasm with probiotics led him to extensively research and study the properties and benefits of probiotics.

Albert realized that probiotics are a raw “gem” in the making, and the public at large is not aware of its full potential. He embarked on a mission to educate the public about the multitude of benefits of probiotics.

The Prodermix Institute of Probiotics was founded by Albert to study and research applications and benefits of probiotics. To date, the Institute has compiled a portfolio of hundreds of studies conducted in laboratories and Universities worldwide regarding effects of probiotics on humans and animals.

As part of his mission to inform the world, he is authoring a book entitled “Probiotics for life – a healthy and energetic life”. The book addresses the benefits of consuming probiotics for general health and strengthening the immune system and many vital organs of the body. (The book is scheduled to be on the market within several months.)

In 2007 he embarked on a program locating labs that produced the best working probiotic formulas. He consulted with top chemists and scientists in the field of probiotics to produce a super probiotic formula. He now manufactures his own proprietary formulas.

The formulas were submitted to several chiropractors and healthcare practitioners for analysis and results. They tested them on themselves and their patients with very positive results. The probiotics have been selling successfully, under the trademarked name “ProDermix,” to healthcare professionals, health food stores and consumers in the New York metropolitan area and the surrounding tri-state communities.

Albert has been selling to individuals through his website all over the USA, Europe and Israel with gratifying results. The feedback and new discoveries of the power of ProDermix are astounding.

He believes that he has only discovered the tip of the iceberg. The potential is enormous.

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Usher Brecher, President & CEO American Nutrition Consultants, Licensed distributors of PRODERMIX - Toll Free: 866.576.5355

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