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What is Qualmed ?  Qualmed is a MEDICAL TESTING company that focuses on quality of life interventions for elderly people. Our primary objective is to make it possible for nursing homes to be able to work towards a more healthy aging for their residents, rather than having them get increasingly sick. We had family members that needed to be put into a nursing home and we just felt that the care was governed too much by HOW MUCH MONEY they were receiving,NOT  BY how much care was needed. WE strive to alleviate the corner that nursing homes are being put in by OBAMACARE.

LOWER reimbursement but MORE required care. people aren’t really aware of the current state of health care specifically as it relates to the elderly. For a person to finally make that nursing home decision, it is extremely difficult. Often the reason why it has to be done is because there are difficult conditions that need medical management. In a nutshell, the funding and reimbursements for many of the necessary treatments are being eliminated, which in essence means that the nursing home will need to make all sorts of efforts to keep their residents healthy, but they will not be compensated.

Because the decision to treat a resident who is sick isn’t about not wanting to, it’s about not being able to, they are not equipped. It’s a very painful reality. It’s as if they are being forced to hold back treatment. This is very painful and troublesome for the nursing home owners

What do you mean healthy aging?

Twentieth-century advances in protecting and promoting health among older adults have provided
many opportunities for overcoming the challenges of an aging society.
The State of Aging and Health in America 2013 provides a snapshot of our nation’s progress in
promoting prevention, improving the health and well-being of older adults, and reducing behaviors
that contribute to premature death and disability. In addition, the report highlights mobility
Chronic conditions present a strong economic incentive for action
During the past century, a major shift occurred in the leading causes of death for all age groups,
including older adults, from infectious diseases and acute illnesses to chronic diseases and degenerative
illnesses. More than a quarter of all Americans and two out of every three older Americans have
multiple chronic conditions, and treatment for this population accounts for 66% of the country’s health
care budget.
Healthy Aging is the key to the economic survival of our country
The United States has met six/fifteen  of the Healthy People 2020 targets in this report


reduction in Obesity


increase in leisure time physicial activity


reduction of smoking


reduction of medication for hi blood pressure


increase in mammograms in women


increase in colorectal cancer screens
But improvement on the remaining Healthy People 2020 targets is needed especially
in vaccinations ,sleep,and other preventive testing measures

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Joseph Shames, President, Health Administrator - QualMed Testing

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